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UniQ Accounting Engine

UniQ Accounting Engine imports Business Events / Accounting Data from various UniQ or Third-Party Systems, processes them into multiple events such as Accounting, Tax, Treasury, Inventory, Notifications, etc. Every event is then processed by the appropriate module into Journal Entries, Foreign Currency Positions, Payment, Asset Register, SMS or Email, etc.

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UniQ General Ledger

UniQ General Ledger centralizes all journal entries provided by UniQ Modules, captured from Third-Party Systems, or manually entered by the Bank. UniQ General Ledger maintains accounting books in multi-gaaps and provides periodic and annual financial statements. It includes a Post Closure and provisioning functions, as well as powerful reporting tools.

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UniQ Back Office for MFI

UniQ Soft Technology provides direct integration of UniQ Modules with third party Core Banking Systems. The solution creates an integrated environment where referential data, accounting entries, and management information, are synchronised.

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Business Application Suite

Business Operation Suite includes all UniQ Auxiliary modules such as Procurement and Payables, Sales and Receivables, Fixed Assets, Inventory Control, Treasury, Payroll, and Human Resources. All Modules are fully integrated with UniQ Accounting Engine and UniQ General Ledger. Each Modules can be used as a standalone or integrated with other UniQ or Third-Party applications.

UniQ Cost Accounting

UniQ Cost Accounting is fully integrated with UniQ General Ledger. It is able to calculate and book hidden costs, transfer pricing, activity-based cost, as well as allocation and reallocation of overheads. Hence providing cost and performance analysis capabilities at the all dimension levels including customers and transaction. UniQ Cost Accounting include also budgeting and forecasting Function with reporting tools and Pivot Table.

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UniQ Business Units

UniQ Business Units allows a group of Banks and Branches to operate in one single environment and one single data base. Every company is completely independent from the other in term of referential data, processes, Local Currency, and Accounting Books. UniQ Business Units includes consolidation functions and group reporting tools.

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UniQ Financial awarded Innovative Startup

UniQ Soft Technology, Tunisian Business Unit, was awarded the label of Innovative Startup by the Minister of Technology, Communication, and Digitalization of Tunisia. This label is a recognition of our innovative and technology advanced solution. UniQ Solutions help Financial Institutions optimizing their Digitalization and Automation Processes in Financial & Management Accounting, and Reporting effectively.
Read More https://www.ilboursa.com/marches/tunisie-33-nouvelles-startups-obtiennent-le-label-startup-_17374?id=17374&fbclid=IwAR1DILgSFXlwB6cwgdANVqVzWIcMk888ctG0Jkk5EuATlHovop2ZNzuglZc

Global Micro Finance Forum in Amsterdam, 14th & 15th of March.

I will be glad to discuss the impact of foreign exchange risks occurred by funding transactions in hard currencies, and how it can be addressed. An excellent opportunity to meet and discuss how UniQ Back Office Suite for Micro Finance Institutions accommodates Foreign Currency Transactions, Positions, and the tools provided to manage the fluctuation of the foreign currency exchange rate.
Read More For more detail. https://www.uni-global.eu/portfolio-page/15th-annual-global-microfinance-forum/

UniQ Tax Engine well received at Bahrain VAT Conference.

Bahrain is the third GCC country to adopt the VAT. The new law has been adopted and it’ s coming into force starting from the 1st of January 2019. Companies are facing new challenges to implement the VAT within their IT and Business Processes.
Read More A trade off needs to be done; companies will be either staring customization projects of their legacy systems with all the related costs and risks, or simply changing their information systems. The latter option would be much more effective for the long term. UniQ Financial, a new generation ERP solution was well received at the VAT conference held in the Crown Plaza, the 11th, 12th, and 13th of December 2019. UniQ seems to be the best option to replace legacy Accounting Systems, it’s 100 % VAT compliant, It's parameter driven, no additional cost for future changes, and in addition it’s a true multi-currency system able to manage the 3 decimal Bahrain Dinar required by the Tax authorities. https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/uniq-tax-engine-well-received-bahrain-vat-conference-b%25C3%25A9chir-yakhlef/

UniQ Back Office

UniQ Back Office, the solution for Inclusive Banking, presented at Temenos Client Forum 2018 in Dublin UniQ Back Office is a comprehensive Finance and administration solution for Micro Finance Institutions. It is fully integrated with Temenos Inclusive Banking Suite. https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/uniq-soft-technology-b%C3%A9chir-yakhlef/

UniQ, next generation Accounting Information System

To learn more about Event Driven Accounting, or to Discuss Activity Based Costing in financial services, and how to make your financial information system more effective, I will be glad to meet at the Temenos Community Forum next week in The Hag from the 2nd through 4th of April. Read More https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/uniq-next-generation-accounting-information-system-b%25C3%25A9chir-yakhlef/
Read More to meet customers, to get feedback and exchange of ideas. To learn more about the Temenos Market Place please visit: https://marketplace.temenos.com/home
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UniQ Financial is running on the cloud

UniQ Financial our integrated financial solution is now available on the cloud. This release is made for demo purposes, customers can subscribe to get free access. A demo script will be provided to illustrate basic functions. If you like to learn more about UniQ financial solutions, you can email our business solution consultants (Support@uniqfst.com) we will be glad to provide you with any additional information that you may require.
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