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UniQ Cost Accounting

UniQ Cost Accounting uses many of the same financial figures that businesses track and record for their budgeting and financial statements. The key difference is that it displays financial data in a number of ways based on an analyst's needs and questions, such as activity cost analysis, income by department, margin by products, or profitability by client.

    • Easily Integrated with UniQ General Ledger.
    • Maintains Monthly financial positions for serval periods.
    • Defines the Organization Cost/Profit Centre structure and hierarchy.
    • Define Business Activity/Task structure and hierarchy.
    • Provides daily and Monthly weighted average balances.
    • Maintains Budget and revised Budgeted figures.
    • Allow Cost & Profit Allocation according to different sources, targets, and cost drivers,
    • Allow Cost & Incomes Reallocation according to different sources, targets, and cost drivers,
    • Allow calculation and bookings of internal charges and capital cost,
    • Allow cost analysis based on activity and tasks
    • Cost Accounting Bookings and Journals
    • Profit & Loss Analysis Cost and Profit Center
    • Profit & loss Analysis by country and Sector
    • Product & Customer Profitability analysis
    • Provides Actual versus Budget comparative reports
    • Reconciliation between Management accounting and General ledger
    • Provide Pivot Table capabilities
    • Easily Integrated with BI tools and Data ware house

UniQ-CA can be deployed in multi-Business Unit environment.